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Aye Kee, is an upcoming Rap artist from Birmingham, Al. Starting music while a freshman in high school, not only is music his passion but also a way to prove his city (Birmingham, Al) has talent. Kee feels Birmingham has been looked over for too long. And he is here to end that. Aye Kee’s family influences him to make music that is true to his nature and timeless.

Diving head first in this industry, Kee credits his dad for helping him into the industry. Kee stands out of the crowd of Emcees. Not only does he make great music, he knows the business and the artist side of music. Where he comes from you either learn how to do it yourself our get shorthanded by someone else. Aye Kee taught himself how to engineer, promote, market and more. Other artists just rap. With versatile lyrics, fans can tell he stands for something. He’s not just trying to make it for the money, He is trying to save his city.

He recently rocked the stage at the 75th Magic City Classic in Birmingham, Alabama. When not doing music Aye Kee is tied up in his books at Clark Atlanta University. Kee is currently signed to BlackHill Entertainment. Make sure to check out Aye Kee’s debut mixtape 1996 B.C.- The New Birth out now on Spinrilla. Aye Kee is a rising star to keep your eye on.